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Leak tester
HC Classic Leak Tester

HC Classic Leak Tester

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introduction:This is our HC Air Leak Tester .The most popular one .more than 800 factories use this tester .
The precision is 1pa

Product description

Product Decription

Hairuisi sealing tester is a new ,high precision and non-destructiove air leak tester .Our air leak tester adopts pressure principle and uses compressed air as the medium to detect leaks. It is a non-destructive testing instrument. The working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the inner cavity or outside of the product to be tested, then close the valve. After a period of stability, measure the change of the air pressure during the detection period and calculate the leakage amount by our precision sensor.This instrument is widely used in the sealing test of open products or sealed products with its high precision and full-featured features.


♦Features of our instrument 

Our instruments is used for sealing detection, waterproof detection, leakage detection,it is widely used in various fields of industry, communications, automotive parts, valves, electronic consumption, medical equipment, military supplies, security lighting, wire, battery, smart home,etc.





1)High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit. The minimum resolution can reach 0.1Pa. Hairuisi independently developed the patented technology, "IVT pneumatic seal Valve Terminal, greatly improving the testing accuracy and ensuring the stability of the instrument.

2)Large touch screen, intelligent operation system, the graphic UI design based on the detection process,the operation interface is simple and clear, easy to teach and easy to learn.

3) Various pressure regulating components and range are optional. The range of air pressure(-80KPA - 1MPa). Electronic pressure regulating valve can be used to achieve multiple pressure sequential tests.

4)A variety of communication interfaces: built-in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I/O control port, support a variety of communication protocols.

5) It has network function and can be equipped with host computer monitoring software to realize remote management and monitor quality. And it can be butted with the MES system.

6)Can select the bar code scanning function and printer, convenient product data management and quality tracing, instrument history records can be as many as 200 thousand and can be exported.

7)The system has more than 200 groups of subroutines, each subprogram can be programmed separately, can be selected and combined to meet various complex test requirements.

8)For the internal volume of tiny products, there are special procedures to detect whether there is any leakage.

9)Support third party check, can issue check report.

10)Remote control function, you can check the leak detection situation and parameters.

11)Bar code scanning function: convenient management and traceability products.

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