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Leak tester
HL  Air tightness detector

HL Air tightness detector

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Product description

♦Features of our instrument 


HL leader series is Hairuisi's latest product , A instrument that has been accumulated by Hairuisi's years of experience and technology, incorporating the future intelligent genes.

This is a high-end leak tester,Especially developed for high-precision multiple pressure requirements and complicated testing process.This leak tester can cope with various complicated working conditions, integrates morden internet and AI technology, and supports multiple communication protocols to facilitate docking with MES system; it is very suitable for modern smart factory .


◆ The system of leak tester is equipped with an automatic pressure regulating module, which can realize a variety of pressure sequence testing, and has two inflation modes: fast inflation and uniform inflation.

◆ Adopting the latest Hi-OS2.0 system, the interface is much more friendly, the operation is much more easier, and many humanized improvements are made.

◆ Because of earning function of AI technology; parameters such as pressure, time and judgment criteria can automatically find the optimal result and choose the best test time,.The difficulty of setting parameter is greatly reduced, and it is easier to get started.

◆This instrument has 100 sets of subroutines, each of which can be programmed separately, can be single-selected, and can be combined to meet various complicated test requirements.

◆ New pressure sensor chip, automatic environment drift correction, sensor zero point automatic calibration; with the patented “smart differential pressure” algorithm, the minimum resolution is better than 0.1Pa, this algorithm has obtained national patent

Mul ◆ Multiple communication protocols and interfaces :Built-in RS232, RS485 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface.LTP external I/O control port,Support TCP/IP Modbus CAN bus protocol

◆     Powerful IoT function. Optional PC monitoring software for remote management, monitoring and quality traceability. And can be connected to the MES system networking.

◆   ◆ Optional barcode scanning function and printer for product data management and quality traceability. Up to 200,000 instrument history records can be exported to computers in batches.


     ◆ Multiple pressure regulating components and ranges are available, and the pressure range is wide (-100KPA-2MPa).

     ◆ Comprehensive technical research and development support, can develop targeted instruments according to your technical requirements.

     ◆ A variety of accessories are optional, inflatable bypass, quick connector, standard leak, and the instrument supports third-party verification, and can issue verification report.

     ◆ A variety of accessories are optional, inflatable bypass, quick connector, standard leak, and the instrument supports third-party verification, and can issue verification report.


♦ Test principle

   Hairuisi sealing tester is a new ,high precision and non-destructiove air leak tester .Our air leak tester adopts pressure principle and uses compressed air as the medium to detect leaks. It is a non-destructive testing instrument. The working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the inner cavity or outside of the product to be tested, then close the valve. After a period of stability, measure the change of the air pressure during the detection period and calculate the leakage amount by our precision sensor.This instrument is widely used in the sealing test of open products or sealed products with its high precision and full-featured features.



The introduction of High-precision intelligent analysis control system Hi-OS 2.0 

High Precision  

Hi-OS 2.0 control system has 32-bit processor and 24-bit A/D converter.With patented "Intelligent Differential Pressure Algorithm", our test accuracy is the same with differential pressure type.

Compared with differential pressure , our control system can test a larger leak range, which is basically equal to the test range. 

Powerful Test Function 

This control system comes with two pressure forms, 8 basic test methods, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions. These test functions can easily cope with various working conditions and meet your various needs. 

Stable reliable and efficient 

Built-in self-developed patented technology --"IVT" pneumatic sealing valve terminal; This patented technology can improve test accuracy greatly and speed up the inflation rate .At the same time,big leak can be detected during the inflation 

Simple testing process 


No need of standard part , no need to make two sets of fixtures, no need to compare with standard part, and eliminate the deformation error after repeated testing of standard part.



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