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Leak tester
HS Smart Series Air Leak detector

HS Smart Series Air Leak detector

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Product description

♦ Product Feature 



HS Smart Series is the latest portable air tightness tester from HIRAYS Technology.Popular in the air tightness testing  market with its compact and portable features,The function and performance parameters of the instrument can meet the needs of most customers while also taking into account the price performance . 


*It can detect the airtightness and waterproof of the workpiece, and has the characteristics of high precision and strong versatility.

*7-inch human-machine touch screen interface, convenient for users to set test parameters, view test records and other functions.

At the same time, there are red and green lights on the touch screen to indicate whether the test result is OK or NG.

With test data recording function, the test data can be downloaded to the U disk and displayed through the computer.

Communication interface USB port, serial port

With 100 user subroutines, the user tests the product of different model sizes by setting the parameters of the subroutine on the touch screen.

Built-in lithium battery, no need for extra power, easy to carry, can be used for outdoor maintenance and after-sales shop maintenance 



♦ Application Scenario 

HIRAYS technology HS Smart Series air tightness tester comes with lithium battery

Built-in air pump (can choose positive pressure type or negative pressure type)So the instrument can be manually carried to complete the air tightness testing task.

This air leak tester does not need to carry the power supply and the compressed air source, and the test can be completed by the instrument itself, which solves the requirement that the traditional air tightness tester must have testing air source and testing power source. 

*After-sale maintenance :For example, after-sales maintenance of waterproof mobile phones, walkie-talkie, battery packs, etc.

*Outdoor maintenance :Outdoor waterproof lighting installation after repair 







♦ Technical parameters 

Test Range :0~100kpa or -50~0kpa

Sensor accuracy :0.2% F.S

Leakage testing resolution :1pa

Test time setting range :0~3200S

Pressure unit :KPA, Pa. Psi. MPA. MBar

Size :248*163*42

Weight :1.5kg 

Lithium battery :10000 mAh 3.7V ,Can support outdoor work 2~4 hours

Charging power supply :220V/50HZ 



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